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Bad Taste

Yes, the photo is from a concentration camp – Sachsenhausen, in fact. The “model” camp. “Work liberates” is the rough translation of the horrible euphemism on the gate. Right after I took this picture, a guy asked me to take … Continue reading

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Stupid Tourist

from my travel journal: 19 july 09 kathmandu, nepal I felt like a stupid tourist at Pashupatinath. Zsoka had said, “Go see the burning bodies.” But it didn’t register until I was there that I was trespassing (or so it … Continue reading

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San-Fran Livin’

Since I’ve lived in San Fran for two and a half months now, I figure it’s time for me to try to start quantifying some of those subtle (ok, and some overt) American-city differences, while they still make an impression … Continue reading

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