The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel

I found it kind of surprising (and amusing) that I was still rooting for Cromwell even though his fate is known. I agree with the critics who feel this book is plodding. Very little action happens: Henry unhappily marries Anne of Cleves, and in retaliation sends Cromwell to the Tower for having been the matchmaker. Cromwell must desperately try to make peace with the beheading that awaits him. At the same time, he also desperately hopes that King Henry will change his mind. Plodding? Yes. But I feel it makes sense to take us on the philosophical, logical, spiritual, historical quest occurring in Cromwell’s mind. I also like the attention Mantel gives to the reasons behind Henry’s ruthless behaviour and how he eventually befriends Anne.

Gwenamon: Too bad that this trilogy is now complete

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