Two Unreadables IMO: “Purity” and “The Heart Goes Last”

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It’s been forever since I’ve posted. I’ve been neglectful because I’ve been super busy with work, ever since having a great vacation in May. Time to catch up. First, for two books that I couldn’t slog through. I figure life is too short and there are too many good books. So why force myself to finish a book that I can only hope will redeem itself?

“Purity” by Jonathan Franzen was relentless in its monotony and disillusionment and infinite detail about people whom I could have cared less about. I don’t need to like a book’s main character, but I need a reason to read and find out what happens. In this case, Pip Tyler is the main character. Her real name is Purity and she leaves a group of Oakland anarchists to join The Sunlight Project in Bolivia, run by Andreas Wolf, an East German rebel. That’s as far as I could get. Too bad, because I loved Franzen’s “Freedom.” Granted, I hated “The Corrections.” Guess Franzen isn’t for me.

I also think Margaret Atwood isn’t for me. I recall liking “The Handmaid’s Tale” many moons ago.  Oh, and “Cat’s Eye.” But “Oryx and Crake” was a slog. And—my oh my—“The Heart Goes Last” was awful, I thought. It’s about Charmaine and Stan who are sick of living in their car and join a bizarre community (Consilience) to get them through the economy’s collapse. There they live together for one month in a lovely home, and every other month they separate to go to prison. Both become obsessed with their “Alternates” – the couple who occupies the house while they’re in prison. I found the pacing and the writing around the obsessions completely unbelievable. Actually ludicrous. It was pure schlock. Perhaps that was intentional, but I couldn’t get through the drivel.

Gwenamon says: Ugh

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