Karl Bushby

I had never heard of Karl Bushby until I picked up a Hemispheres magazine on a United Flight I was on. When I turned to the article about him, I was immediately intrigued.

He’s a British ex-paratrooper who’s been making his way home on-foot from the southern tip of Chile to England. He’s been walking since 1998 and he’s currently in Mexico, waiting to figure out how to get the right visa that will let him return to Russia long enough for his walk.

Sure, there’s something incredibly egomanical about his plight. However, I find his story more inspiring, brave, and adventurous, probably because there’s a part of me that would love to do something similar.


About gwenamon

bookworm, confidante, creative director, cyclist, global wanderer, music lover, shutterbug, shoe shopper, snowboarder, writer, yoga geek. i'm also a very proud mama of a lil mister named james.
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