Middle Age

I’m sure this post will make me unpopular but, oh well, so be it. Regardless, I have to say that given the people-watching I’ve been doing lately, middle age is a superficial low-point for most of the population. Yes, most. I stress that. Not all. And sure, those people maybe thrilled with their lives, but their outward appearances definitely aren’t communicating that.

You see, one lunch, I caught myself checking out a group of late-20-something or early-30-something guys. I was then struck by the fact that I could have been checking out a group of guys older than me, also in close proximity. Isn’t that what Darwin would have me do? For a mere moment I was horrified that I was truly, to the core, a cougar. But when I did a quick comparison between the two groups, I found, rather, that it’s my smart instinct to be attracted to guys who look healthy and are stylish, which, in this situation, the close-to-middle-agers couldn’t even hope to be. I also realized that’s often the case.

Many middle-agers…

– have bad posture from sitting in front a computer for too long and not paying attention to their bodies, which brings us to the next point.

– are losing the battle of the bulge. A lot of them have a spare tire (or two) and look really low on energy. Yeah sure, they probably have kids who tire them out. But they owe it to themselves and to their kids to take better care of themselves.

– have permanent grimaces or frowns. Their faces already are etched with anxiety and stress. And I’ll have you know, I actually think wrinkles and lines can be attractive. I’m no proponent of Botox. But when your face has a scowl worn into it, well, shudder.

– are stuck in a fashion rut. Jeans shouldn’t be high-waisted or really faded or really short. Khakis and a blue shirt? Couldn’t you at least try to add some personality? Try… please.

– deny they are going bald. (Yes, this point is for the guys.) I can only imagine how truly horrible it must be to lose your hair. But holding onto a few wisps or patches isn’t the way to go. A shaved head looks so much better. It takes years off a balding guy’s age. And to be honest, most guys with hair don’t get the greatest haircuts anyway. Shaving solves that problem. I happen to love shaved heads.

I think what these observances boil down to is that a lot of people are on auto-pilot. They go through their lives stressed out, eating badly, and getting little to no exercise. And well…IT SHOWS. The nastiness really starts rearing its ugly head around middle age, sometimes sooner.

Sure, you can say appearances are superficial, just the wrapping, all of that. But appearances are saying something. Many people aren’t taking care of themselves.


About gwenamon

bookworm, confidante, creative director, cyclist, global wanderer, music lover, shutterbug, shoe shopper, snowboarder, writer, yoga geek. i'm also a very proud mama of a lil mister named james.
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4 Responses to Middle Age

  1. jamesduncan says:

    You mean my waist high, faded jeans and my blue polo shirt (with a corp logo on it) are out of fashion?

    At least now I know!

  2. gwenamon says:

    i’m always looking out for you, james. ;)

  3. lolafalona says:

    i agree with you 100%. and by the way, i was recently told by a guy in his 20s that women in their 30s are actually Pumas, and in the pre-Cougar stage. you won’t turn into a cougar until you turn 40. so you got a few more years!

  4. gwenamon says:

    i’m so comforted. ;)

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